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Meet our Leadership Team

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  • Setting the Vision and Strategy to Achieve the School’s Mission

    This includes stewardship of Ancona’s history, culture, climate, and strategic direction. The leadership team has a deep understanding of the interplay of historical forces and educational currents that shape the school; including Montessori, progressive education, experiential learning, multiculturalism, racial and social justice, teacher participation, and meaningful parental involvement.

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  • Liz Iverson

    Head of School
  • Tayé Brown

    Director of School Culture
  • Tony Gleason

    Director of Student and Family Services
  • Melanie Ahmad

    Director of Admissions and Tuition Management
  • Rodney Williams

    Director of Marketing
  • Jon Stoper

    Director of Technology and Operations
  • Angie Martinez

    Director of Community Engagement
  • Taylor Marsh

    Director of Auxillary Programs
  • Jen Coleman

    Director of Facilities
  • Lola Davis

    Office Manager
  • Rachel Esser

    IT and Communications Manager
  • Kait Kumar

    School Nurse
  • Patricia Erington

    Business Manager
  • Mary Nwebueze

    Senior Staff Accountant
  • Leslie Browne

    External Affairs Manager
  • Barbara Crawford

    Office Assistant

Meet Our Board of Trustees

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  • Representing the School in the Community at Large

    The Board of Trustees ensures that the school has the resources necessary for fulfilling its mission. This includes long-range planning; policy formulation; stewardship of the school’s assets; selection and retention of, and providing counsel, to the Head of School; and representing the school in the community at large.

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  • Radiah Smith-Donald

    Ancona Board Co-President
  • Sibyl Day

    Ancona Board Co-Chair
  • Elisa Reliford

    Ancona Board Vice President
  • Kapil Kumar

    Principal, GCM Grosvenor
    Ancona Board Treasurer
  • Eric Schneider

    Senior Vice President of Strategy and Communication, IFT
    Ancona Board Secretary
  • Tabitha Watts

    Ancona Board Committee On Trustees Co-Chair
  • Laura Staley

    Ancona Board Committee on Trustees Co-Chair
    APC Co-Chair
  • Gustavo Bamberger

    Senior Vice President, Compass Lexecon Inc
  • Austin Bartlett

    Co-Founder, BartlettChen LLC
  • Keith Bevans

    Partner, Bain & Company
  • Lucila Espedido

    Attorney at Law
  • Nanette Harris

  • Cari Hulings

    APC Co-Chair
  • Yuri Kern

    Pediatric Ophthalmologist
  • Carmen Sallay

    Compliance Specialist
  • Ben Smith-Donald

    Co-Founder, Brer Consulting
  • Paul Watford

    Senior Director of Finance, Silverman, PC
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