Student Support

Ancona provides academic and social/emotional services to students in all grade levels.
The Student Support Team (SST) actively works with students, teachers, parents, and outside specialists to create a support system that is student-centered and holistic. The Ancona community can seek advice from the SST for academic and socio-emotional support both inside and outside of school, and the team makes recommendations for tutors, additional programs, and therapeutic services. As a partner with Chicago Public Schools, the SST collaborates and advocates for families and students going through the process of creating a 504 plan or an Individualized Education Program (IEP).

The Student Support Team is not a disciplinary department, but rather a group that the Ancona community can go to for assistance. We work with families using a collaborative, team-based approach in order to determine the type of support a student may need. It is the ultimate goal of the SST to ensure that all students at Ancona are being supported throughout their time here and that they are achieving their short term and long term goals. 

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  • Learning Specialists

    Ancona has two Learning Specialists that serve our student population. Learning specialists work collaboratively with teachers to provide support across the school, and all decisions are team-based. They offer academic support to students with diagnosed learning or developmental differences and assist teachers in making appropriate curricular adaptations for those students. We know that there is no “one size fits all” program for any student. As such, support is provided on a case-by-case basis, always prioritizing the individual student’s needs.
  • School Counselor

    Ancona has a full-time School Counselor who assists with the social and emotional needs of our students across all grade levels. The School Counselor meets with both small groups of students and individuals to address needs they have in their school and home life. Small group topics include: navigating Ancona, cultivating relationships, changing families, and dealing with the pressures of growing up. Groups are offered year round. Additionally, the School Counselor supports teachers and helps families to find outside support specialists. To maintain a strong school-home connection, the School Counselor communicates with specialists outside of the school building and makes sure that all members of the team are cohesive. In addition to the School Counselor, Ancona hosts counseling interns that work with students and support the efforts of the Counselor. 
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