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How do I let Ancona know if someone other than a parent is picking up?

In SchoolPass, each family has a “carpool” that includes all parents/guardians as “drivers” by default. These "carpools" are pre-populated in the system, so if your student is being picked up by another Ancona family, you can add your student to the other family's carpool without having to enter any additional information. This can be done on a recurring basis or for a single date or date range. 

You can also add non-Ancona individuals as "drivers" in your family carpool if they will be picking up your student (i.e. grandparents, caregivers, etc). By adding additional drivers, you are letting the school know that these people are authorized to pick up your child(ren). This list can be adjusted at any time. 
When you use the app to indicate that another family’s “carpool” will be picking up your child, the teachers of your child will be notified automatically via email. However, it is a good idea to communicate clearly with your child and with the teacher directly as well. 

This video demonstrates Adding & Removing Drivers in the App. Please note that Ancona does not use license plates to identify drivers/cars at this time, so it is not necessary to enter this information. 
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