My Ancona FAQ

My Ancona is the school's information system and learning management system. As a parent, it has a wealth of useful information an resources.

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  • Getting Access to My Ancona

    Current Parents
    All current Ancona parents and guardians have access to My AnconaIf you are locked out or no longer have access to the account you signed up with, please reach out to 

    Prosective Parents

    Prospective parents should start by filling out the form on the Getting Started page. Once your inquiry is processed, you'll get an invitation to set up a BlackBaud ID that gives you access to My Ancona

    Hint: Use the "Sign in with Google" or "Sign in with Apple" option instead of typing in yet-another-password that you'll need to keep track of.

    Can't find the invitation email? Just enter your email address on file on the login window to get started.

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  • Keeping your My Ancona profile up to date

    Log in and visit your profile by clicking your name toward the top of the screen. Edit your profile—also known as your Contact Card—by clicking on the pencil icon. You can even put in a photo and bio if you'd like!

    Note: if you are changing your email address mid-year and won't have access to your old one, please send an email to so that we can make sure to update various email lists.
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  • My Ancona and was re-designed as of May 2023, and is aimed primarily at prospective families who would like to learn about Ancona. 

    My Ancona 
    is password protected, and serves as both the school’s learning management system (LMS) and school information system (SIS).  The parent resource board on My Ancona is designed as a portal to give parents access to Ancona information and resources.
  • What information can I access in My Ancona?

  • Keeping your information up to date

    The system will first prompt you to validate your profile information the first time you sign in. You’ll be able to adjust contact information about you, your child(ren), and (to some extent) your spouse. Also, please feel free to upload a picture of yourself for others in the Ancona community to view, and consider including something about yourself in the About section next to your photo.
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  • Directory Access and Settings

    What people can see in the directory depends on their role. Anyone with a login (faculty/staff, parents, and students) can, by default, see contact information, your photo, and your family relationships, but not sensitive information. Teachers of your child(ren) can view things such as medical alerts, allergies, and learning profiles.
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  • Magnus Health FAQ

    Much information that was previously stored in My Ancona is now stored in Magnus Health including emergency contacts, health-information, and sign-offs. Family information is automatically synced from My Ancona to Magnus Health, and you can sign into Magnus Health from the My Ancona Parent Resource Board.

    Magnus Health FAQ
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